Female Sexuality – Here’s The Truth About The Type Of Sex Women Really Like

Most men have a very poor understanding of female sexuality. Said differently — they don’t know much about women and sex and they have no idea what type of sex women really like.

However, by the time you’ve finished reading this article you’ll have a much better understanding of female sexuality and what women really want in the bedroom.

Many men think of women as these delicate creatures who must be treated like fragile objects in the bedroom so that they don’t hurt them. With this mind-set, many men attempt to slowly, gently make-love to their women and in the process they bore their women senseless.

You see, most women don’t want that type of sex most of the time.

Most of the time, women want to be ravaged by their man.

They want to feel like they are in bed with a REAL MAN — a man who is not afraid to TAKE CONTROL and lead them through a wild sexual adventure.

Listen up.

Women want NAUGHTY SEX…

They want their hair grabbed, they want their ass slapped, they want to do it in a car park where somebody might see them.

Women want to do TABOO things during sex…

They want to try ANAL SEX, they want to give blow jobs and they want their men to talk dirty.

Are you starting to see the truth about female sexuality?

Society has often tried to condition us to believe that men are way more sexual than women and that men are the ones who want to do all the naughty, dirty things in the bedroom.

However, what you need to know is that women are INCREDIBLY SEXUAL and they have the potential to be way more sexual than men.

I mean think about it — women can have clitoral, vaginal, multiple, squirting and even anal orgasms, whereas men really need to have their ‘little chap’ stimulated to ‘get off’. Now tell me, who’s more sexual?

The reason why more women aren’t wildly sexual is simply because they haven’t yet met the right man who can help them unleash their really sexual side.

If you want to UNLEASH your woman’s WILDLY SEXUAL SIDE and get her to give you everything you want in the bedroom…

You have to lead her, you have to TALK DIRTY and you have to give her all the types of orgasms I previously mentioned. In particular, you have to get the VAGINAL ORGASMS working.

What Women Wish Men Knew About Sex – Women Finally Break Their Silence And Reveal Shocking Facts

Have you ever wondered what women actually want in bed and what they are looking for? Wouldn’t it be real easy if women could come up to you and tell you what they truly want in bed? Well finally women break their silence on what they actually want and desire in bed and wish men knew. You see most men don’t know what women want and this is the reason why they are not able to satisfy women in bed. Read on to discover some of the most shocking facts revealed by women and how you can use them to achieve outstanding results in bed.

They want romance- If you thought they like getting down to business and jumping into bed than you are strongly mistaken. They want love and romance more than they want just plain sex.

Keep yourself clean- Another thing they wished men knew. Some men simply do not take good care of themselves and forget personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is something which is extremely essential and should be looked into.

React according to the mood- Some men want sex at the wrong times and mostly at the wrong places. You should always keep the moods of the female in mind and see if she is ready before you do anything.

You better last- This is something which every female wishes men knew. Most men are not able to last as long as women in bed and this is probably the major reason why they are not able to satisfy them in bed.

Don’t make them fake it- This is probably one of the things every woman wishes men knew. Some women simply do not share their problems and issues with their lovers and tend to fake their orgasms in order to make their lovers feel good. If you doubt something like this than it’s always good to ask her instead of letting things carry on this way.

A Guide To Sex After Marriage

There have been endless comments on why sex decreases or different after marriage. In most cases men are more affected because it is obvious that men want more sex after marriage.

Women and sex
In the issue of sex women are considered to be the experts when it comes to what make them want and enjoy good sex. It is not true when we assume that women have problem with getting turned on. The fact is that they are turned on differently.

Women’s sexuality is in their brain. When a woman is being told over and over again that she is not as sexually sensitive as men, she begin to believe she is not. This mind-trap should be avoided by women because women do not get turned on in the same way as men do.

In fact, there are lots of women who are sexually more active than men. The truth is that women are capable of holding back their sexual desires more than men.

Some Tips To Walk Your Way Into Woman’s Heart

1. Do not make sex the main object of your relationship, be sensitive to her feelings.

2. Always remember that the time it takes for sex with man is less than the average time for arousal for woman.

3. Telling her she is beautiful does not make her feel beautiful.

4. Ongoing communication is more important to her because her needs change constituently.

5. Do not make short time effort and give up when you do not see immediate result, making a relationship to last is a life long effort and ongoing.

6. Ask her what would make the marriage/relationship work better for her. Sex might make it better for you, but what would fulfill her?

7. Make genuine efforts without expectation, not only when you want sex.

8. Women think a lot about things. When you have an argument she might take it to the bedroom and not receive your advances latter because the argument lives on in her.

Once you are married you need to make new experiences and imprints. What is regarded as hot sex before marriage is not acceptable in marriages. Hot sex in marriage is having a woman who loves you and knows every bit of you to know exactly how to please you.

Sex with someone you love and are married to must be fulfilling with different mindset about what makes sex good. It is true that men like fixing things, but listening to a woman is in itself fixing it. A woman likes to feel she is being heard and understood. If you block her out and not pay attention, she will assume you have nothing to offer her and if you want something in return “sex” she will deny you of it.

If you avoid woman emotionally she will avoid you physically. Keep the communication alive. You need to talk about your favorites as well as hers and such discussion must be ongoing for a continuous healthy relationship.

Better Sex – Women How to Get The Man You Want By Taking the Lead

Men are highly visual creatures but there also interested in their partners psychology and here we are going to show you how to use both by taking the initiative to get the man of your dreams.

In society we have seen a blurring of the traditional roles of men and women and women have started to assert themselves more in society, as well as work and more are doing so with their sex lives.

They know exactly what they want and how to get it.

Here we are going to show you how to appeal to a mans mind as much as his eyes to capture his intention.

Lets first look at dressing:

1. Dressing to impress

If you want t caputre a mans attention – your partner or someone you desire then its time to be sexy and femmine.

The trick with dressing to attract is to look sexy without being tarty ( when out of the bedroom) and this involves using the usual sexy clothing but only accentuating one half of the body – NOT Both.

For example, if you have great legs show them off and use killer highs to grab a mans attention – heels are one of the biggest turn ons for men so use them, most men cant resist them.

If your bust is your asset wear a tight top to show it off but don’t wear a short skirt.

The key is to be sexy get noticed, but don’t look like a hooker.

In the bedroom you can be as sexy as you like!

If you think about it many men frequent lap dancing clubs and strip clubs and you will find most men in the bedroom like heels, sexy underwear and sensual fabrics such as leather, so use them to your advantage.

A women who knows how to dress will get noticed.

2. Being the hunter and taking the lead in and out the bedroom

In society men are traditionally the hunters not women so turn the tables and become the hunter – This will appeal to men as most are simply not used to it, but its highly enjoyable for them for reasons we will explain later.

This bit of the article is all about hunting and taking control in the bedroom.

Here are some tips!

– Use sexy texts to put him off work and tell him what’s in store for him.

– When he comes home from work meet in nothing but lingerie and high heels.

– Undress him to show you are the one in control.

– Use the top position and can not only satisfy yourself but relieve the pressure on him to perform so he can simply lie back and enjoy the experience.

– Use oral sex – oral sex is loved by all men and you have him exactly where you want him if you learn the art of oral sex.

– Compliment him – the fact you are in control doesn’t mean you cant. It will appeal to his ego and make him feel good – Many men are concerned about their performance in the bedroom, so calm him down and make him relax.

Ladies, we live in an equal society yet in the bedroom men are still predominately the hunters – use your femininity to hunt him down and take control of your sex life.

A surprising amount of men enjoy women who are forward and get what they want – men are used to being in control and this can lead to pressure in all areas of life, not just the bedroom.

How Can I Get My Husband to Be More Interested in Sex? – Women Suffering in Sexless Marriages

Are you suffering because your husband won’t have sex with you? Know that you’re not alone. Approximately fifteen to twenty percent of married couples are intimate only ten times a year or less. This kind of lack of intimacy places a tremendous strain on the marriage and is one of the major causes of divorce. Many times, the problem is that the husband is the one who doesn’t want to have sex with his wife.

Women in this kind of situation often feel that there must be something wrong with them if their husband is not interested in being intimate with them. They feel that they are not attractive, or that their husbands aren’t happy with them, or are in some other way undesirable. They don’t know how else to account for his lack of interest.

Some common questions these women ask are: How can I get my husband to be more interested in sex? Why doesn’t he want sex? Why won’t he initiate it? They often feel that his lack of interest is because there’s something wrong with them.

The truth is though, that while their feelings are understandable, they are looking at the situation from the wrong perspective. A man’s lack of interest in intimacy with his wife is only a symptom of other underlying problems in the relationship. If those problems are resolved, the bedroom problems will go away.

Women who suffer in a sexless marriage should know that they do have the power to change the situation. They can make their husbands interested in being with them and increase his sex drive.

3 Things Outside Of Sex Women Strongly Desire

When it comes to giving satisfaction to women, most men erroneously feel that an “off the roof” sexual experience and sporadic gifts now and then are enough to buy the hearts of women. They figure, if I can take her out occasionally, say some sweet words only when I’m in the mood for sex, then she’ll be mine forever. While many schools of thought exist in this area, many false assumptions also exist. It becomes necessary then to sift through a mountain of truths, half-truths, untruths, inconsistencies and facts in order to arrive at what works and what doesn’t. While you and I of course have ideas about what generally brings affection from people, the peculiarities of the female psyche demand somewhat more consideration.

In any relationship, the most important faculty of the woman is her emotions. Any successful wooing starts from and ends in a woman’s emotions. Find something that greatly stirs her emotions, then you find her. Many women have been known to continue with partners who provided them with much needed emotional solace and release even when faced with dire financial problems. It is so important to remain in a woman’s emotional good books. No where in nature is the saying “a soft tongue breaks the bone” as important as in women folk. Even though the majority of women folk would gladly date and even marry men of fame and affluence, once they discover that their psycho-emotional need are not being met, the relationship is doomed. While of course emotional connection and affection is not the all in all package women desire, it is nevertheless highly significant so much so that as a woman gets older, her need for constant affection and reaffirmation from her partner increases tremendously.

Next to this is physical attention. A man needs to pay serious attention to this. Women are very dress, class and fashion conscious. If you’re used to taking walks on the street, you’ll probably observe most women observing other women and not men. Most women’s sense of esteem is deeply tied to their looks. If they feel they fall short in physical beauty, they try to make up by wearing expensive clothes, make ups, perfumes and jewelleries as for a man desiring a wonderful bedroom life, the rule is always aim to satisfy the things she is physically attracted to and you are on your way to her heart. If for some reason or the other you notice a lull in your bedroom life as a man, you need to ask yourself if there is any thing your partner desires that you have not provided. That can really cause a snag in your bedroom life. Many women have been known to make demands from their partners right there during sex. You can imagine how “pleasant” such an occurrence would seem.

No. 3 of course is social attention. A common cause of, break-ups today is boredom, lack of passion, lack of adventure. Just pitch black monotony. It is mildly surprising to note that complaints about monotony, boredom and a blasé union are more common with women than with men. Men have a lot of outlets to fuel their social needs. Golf games, foot ball outings and a host of other things, women on the other hand have fewer opportunities for social interaction apart from the workplace. It thus becomes increasingly relevant, for the male partner to provide avenues where his partner can find social interaction in order to provide for a healthy relationship to continue. If your woman feels caged, bored and jaded with life, make no mistakes about it, but your bedroom life and your entire union would be on a course heading for the rocks.

3 Most Crucial Things About Sex Women Desperately Want You to Know – Don’t Dare to Miss This!

A lot of women out there complain on a regular basis that their partner just does not know that they want in bed. You see this is the main reason why most men out there are just not too good when it comes to satisfying women in bed. In order to satisfy women in bed you need to understand them completely and that would only happen when you understand the messages they are trying to convey. Read on to discover some of the most important things women want you to know about sex……

Read the clues- You see most women out there are just not too direct when it comes to the matter of telling you what they like and what they dislike in bed. This is the main reason why you must try to understand their body language and read the clues they are trying to send your way. When you open yourself up to such messages you would automatically come to know what they are demanding from you.

They want foreplay- Some guys just want to get down with penetration and go to bed. It is a very commonly known fact that women do indeed take longer then men in order to achieve an orgasm therefore you should always spend as much time as you can on foreplay.

They want you to surprise them with new things- Women normally tend go get bored in bed if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again. They expect you to try something new since the more variation you add in bed the more pleasure they would attain. Some guys just keep on doing the same thing over and over again due to which the girl never ends up satisfied.